About Us

BioTrading is the first UK online marketplace for organic resources.

On BioTrading, organic materials can be listed for sale or auction in a transparent digital environment, allowing buyers and sellers to connect and trade at the best value. BioTrading proposes to arrange the haulage if sellers and buyers are not in capacity to do so.

BioTrading is here for the farming industry, composting sites, landspreading, biomass, energy, quarrying and anaerobic digestion industries, as well as for wastewater companies, retailers, food and drinks companies, biodiesel & bioethanol plants, secure destruction and soup plants, and for all buyers and sellers of organic resources.

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Avoiding the landfilling of organic waste, BioTrading contributes to building the circular economy and preserving scarce raw materials.

BioTrading is powered by Veolia, the UK leader in environmental solutions.