1. As a seller, my auction has ended without receiving any bid, can I list my product again?

Absolutely! Go to your dashboard, create a new auction and select the product to be listed again.

2. As a seller, can I list organic waste with a gate fee?

Indeed, you can enter a negative price if this is a gate fee, or a positive price if this is a revenue to you. When the amount to be settled between you and your buyer is positive, the buyer pays you, and when this amount is negative, you pay the buyer.

3. As a buyer, I won an auction, but I have not received the seller’s details.

You will receive the seller’s contact details by email when you confirm the payment of the Introduction fee to BioTrading. Then, contact your seller within 7 working days to arrange the transaction and collection of the organic materials.

4. As a seller, my auction has ended with a winner, but I have not received the buyer’s details.

If there is no winner, you can chose to create a new auction. If there is a winner, just wait a little bit! You will receive an email with the winning buyer’s details via email as soon as they confirm paying the Introduction fee to BioTrading. The buyer will receive your details at the same time and will have committed to contact with you within 7 working days to arrange the transaction and collection of your organic materials.

5. As a seller, I have just added an auction but it does not appear on the website.

Did you check that your product is ‘in stock’? If the product is ‘out of stock’, the auction won’t appear on the website. You can manage your stock status for each product from your dashboard, Catalog, Manage Product, Edit.

6. Can I choose the tonnage I purchase or bid for?

Listings are proposed as packages by the sellers and you can only purchase or bid for the exact tonnage proposed. In the case of a product that is not an auction, you can also select the quantity of this tonnage that you want to purchase: if the seller has several times the tonnage in stock, you can purchase it in one go!

7. As a seller, can I delete my sale listing or my auction listing?

You can easily remove a sale listing from the website! From your dashboard in the section Catalog, Manage Product, Edit, Stock status, set up your product as 'out of stock' and it will not appear on the website anymore. You can delete an auction before its end date from Auctions, Manage Auction, Action, delete, but you can't delete an auction that has ended: you are committed towards the winning buyer.

8. As a buyer, can I cancel my bid?

When you bid, you commit to the purchase in case you win the bid, so you can't cancel your bid.

9. How much does BioTrading service cost?

Opening an account on BioTrading is free! As seller, you can propose as many listings as you want for free. As buyer, 10% of the final bid / sale amount absolute value (with a minimum of £15) is an Introduction fee to be paid to BioTrading before receiving the contact details of the seller, while at the same time your details are shared with them. Note also that bid / sale prices are shown excluding tax.

10. What if I want to sell/buy from several locations?

As a seller, you can indicate a different location for each product. As a buyer, you need to create a new BioTrading account for each location, so that BioTrading can ensure to the sellers that each site has the relevant environmental licence.

11. I forgot my password.

Don’t worry, when logging in, click on the link ‘Forgot Your Password?’ and a new password will be generated for you.

12. How do I report a problem?

Any problem can be reported to BioTrading via the page Contact Us.

13. I have another question.

If you can’t find the answer to your question in this FAQ or in the Terms and Conditions, please contact us directly via the Contact Us page. We are always happy to hear from you!