How to trade

How does it work?

1Registration is free and validated by BioTrading.
2Sellers list their products as sale or auction.
3Buyers buy or bid! The highest bid wins!
4Contact details of buyers and sellers are sent by email once the buyer has paid the Introduction fee to BioTrading.
5Buyers can request a haulage service from BioTrading.
6Buyers and sellers arrange the transaction for the remaining amount and the collection independently.

How to trade as a seller?

1Register for free. BioTrading validates your registration.
2Submit your organic material as product to be traded with all relevant details (type, tonnage, description, picture…).
3Choose to list your product as a sale with a fixed price or gate fee…
4 ... or as an auction to get the best value!
The highest bidder wins the auction!
5Authorised buyers can purchase or bid on your listings, based on the EWC codes of your products.
6Monitor your products stocks, your sales and auctions via your dashboard.
7The (winning) buyer confirms purchase/bid to BioTrading by paying the Introduction fee of 10% of the final price or gate fee (with a minimum of 15£).
8Once done, you receive the buyer’s contact details by email. They will have committed to contact you in the next 7 working days to arrange the collection and the transaction with you.

How to trade as a buyer?

1Register for free. BioTrading validates your registration.
2Browse products! You can filter or sort all auction and sale listings by location, category, EWC code, price, more recent or auction end date.
3You are authorised to purchase or bid only on listings matching the EWC codes mentioned on your environmental licence.
4 Click BUY NOW for a sale!
5The product is added to your cart allowing you to proceed with payment of the Introduction fee to BioTrading: 10% of the price or gate fee (with a minimum of 15£).
6 Click BID NOW for an auction!
If you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you win the auction!
7Once you win an auction, you must confirm it by adding the product to your cart and paying the Introduction fee to BioTrading before the expiration date set-up by the seller.
8Payment can be made by credit card or via a purchase order.
9Once confirmed, you receive the seller’s contact details by email. You will have committed to contact them in the next 7 working days to arrange together the collection and transaction.

What about haulage?

1Prices displayed on BioTrading listings are excluding haulage.
2As a seller, you can let buyers know that you have the option to provide haulage as an extra service if they purchase your products.
3As a buyer, you can decide to arrange haulage with the seller or independently, or you can request the haulage service to be taken care of by BioTrading after confirming your purchase.
4If as a buyer you request the haulage service, BioTrading will arrange everything for you, asking for more information if needed.
5A haulage quote will be added to your shopping cart, that you can accept.